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French studio Murmure’s amazing geometric festival identity

Murmure’s work for the Nördik Impakt festival held in Caen (where Murure is part based along with Paris) is built around striking geometric patterns and a bespoke, music inspired typeface.   LINK!

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The Art of Turning Weapons into Instruments

Mexican artist Pedro Reyes recently constructed a series of working, mechanized instruments from dismantled guns, giving the weapons new life with music.   LINK!

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Daft Punk Tribute / Screenprint by Marie Bergeron


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’99 Problems’ Tumblr Illustrates Daily Issues Of Famous Rappers


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Daftside: Random Access Memories Memories

  Musicians Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington (aka “DARKSIDE“) has gone under the name Daftside for their new experimental album, Random Access Memories Memories. The new album remixes each of the songs from Daft Punk’s recently released album, Random Access Memories. LINK!

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Turntable That Plays the Rings of a Tree

Artist Bartholomäus Traubeck‘s modified turntable can read the rings on a slice of a tree and translate their thickness and strength into musical notes. Titled “Years”, Traubeck’s project has been traveling around the world since 2012.  LINK!

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Then And Now


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Street Art Project Maps Rap Lyric Shout Outs Around NYC


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»Hey Jude« flow chart


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