The 4 Things That We Should Not Say To A Graphic Artist But We Always Do

Graphic artists are highly skilled, but they are human too and not machines that can just do all your whims in an instant. If you are currently dealing with a graphic designer, here are some of the things that we should not say to graphic artists. Check it out and learn from it.

1. Can you design a draft even though we haven’t finished the content?

It is a big no. It is not for the sake of the artist but on your side mostly. It can be done, but it will be to your disadvantage. The design that should be used for your business must be derived from the kind of content you have. It is because the designer will come up with the best illustration based on it that can draw people to patronize your business.

2. Can you do something real quick?

Here is the thing. On this field, you are not the expert. It is the designer who knows better about the timeframe that will be needed based on your request. The right thing to do is to explain to them what you need to be done and just ask how much time will be required.

3. Can you format it where we can have it edited?

If you are not a skilled designer, it is for the best of your firm to stick with the design. Simple changes that you would make can ruin the whole design made by the artist. If you prefer something that can be edited whenever you want, just stick with some traditional themes.

4. Can you make multiple versions of it?

You don’t need various versions of the design. You can stick with one and give the input of the things you want and the stuff you need on the design. It can be done and if you don’t like some of the things, just say it, and designers can make the necessary adjustments.

There is nothing wrong if you want to make some changes in the design. Just ask in a nice way, so you won’t appear to be rude to the artists.

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